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The following is a summary of early findings from the Equity in Architecture Survey. We are working on a more comprehensive report that will be based on what was presented at the Equity by Design Symposium on October 18, 2014 in the months to come. While this is a broad overview "road map" of the analysis, there is much left to interpretation and further analysis. Nevertheless, we foresee this body of work as a means to start the conversation about Equity in Architecture. There will inevitably be more questions than answers as you begin to understand the findings and we encourage you to share this information with your colleagues, firms, alumni networks, and AIA Chapters. 

The research portion of the Missing 32% Project was envisioned as an endeavor with multiple stages, starting locally with the Bay Area, then expanding to the national scale with the ultimate goal of informing the global conversation on the issue of Equity in Architecture. Phase 1 of the project, a 90+ question survey conducted via Survey Monkey in February thru March 2014, explores the workplace participation and career aspirations of 2,289 participants with architectural degrees and experience in architectural practice within the United States. While the primary survey respondents consisted of those working in traditional firms, it was also beneficial to expand the questions to sole practitioners and those who have left professional practice to pursue alternate career paths. With this in consideration, the project aims to understand the current career status and potential hurdles or "pinch points" of design professionals employed at every level of practice. Additionally, the Findings will explore what the architectural firms are doing in terms of professional advancement, licensure support, and workplace culture to attract and retain the best talent. A few key questions arise: "What are the key factors that hinder advancement and create pinch points? Why do so few women advance to ownership and senior leadership positions in large firms? And what measures could be taken to promote Equity in Architecture as it relates to hiring, retention, professional growth, leadership, meaning and influence?"

Research Statement

The Missing 32% Project: Equity in Architecture Survey sample is neither longitudinal nor a representative cross-section of the profession. The analyses presented here are far from exhaustive. The survey data will contain further insights into the factors that have gender-specific impacts on careers in architecture.  The dataset is rich in information about respondents’ views about firm policies and practices, their personal and professional goals, and their individual circumstances.  The open-ended questions, while the most difficult to analyze in a systematic manner, are likely to yield interesting findings. For the full story please go here



Join us in welcoming our 6th International Chapter and the third component in the constellation of sister cities with AIA Hong Kong and AIA Japan in Zone 2 of the AIA International Region.  AIA Shanghai joins AIA Hong Kong in representing members in the People's Republic of China and will work together to support the development of the third chapter in the tripartite, AIA Beijing, ideally in the coming year.  Do let us know if you are interested in getting involved.  For more on this exciting development, see our Fall newsletter here.




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By Derek Washam, Manager, Federal & International Programs

The American Institute of Architects and the International Trade Administration are happy to announce another opportunity to expand prospects for architects overseas with a trade mission to Doha, Qatar from November 17-19, 2014, with an optional mission stop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this mission is to introduce U.S. firms to the expanding and diversifying Qatari and Saudi markets. Both countries continue to develop new infrastructure projects as they broaden their economic scopes. The mission will focus on opportunities for U.S. exporters in master planning (city or regional planning, and port redevelopment); hospitals and healthcare architecture; hospitality; airports and other transportation facilities; mixed-use projects; sports and entertainment; and educational facilities.

In Doha, mission participants will have market briefings with the Commercial Service and industry experts, networking opportunities with local industry experts, business-to-business meetings, site visits, meetings with government officials, and more. The optional stop in Riyadh from November 15-17 will include business-to-business meetings, market briefings, and site visits.

The participation fee for the trade mission to Qatar is $2900 for small or medium-sized enterprises and $3,000 for large. The fee for each additional representative is $750.

The additional participation fee for the Saudi Arabia optional stop is $2000 for small or medium-sized enterprises and an additional $2600 for large firms. The fee for each additional representative to add on the Saudi Arabia optional stop is $350.

For more information, please refer to the mission statement found here. Recruitment for this mission will begin immediately and conclude no later than September 15, 2014.

For an application and other information, please visit or contact Arica Young, U.S. Commercial Service, at or 202-482-6219. Further questions about the AIA’s involvement in trade missions should be directed to Derek Washam, the AIA’s Manager of Federal & International Programs, at 202-626-7595 or


Optional Pre-Mission Stop in Saudi Arabia

Saturday—November 15


Arrive in Riyadh

Sunday—November 16


Market briefings from CS and industry experts

Networking Lunch

Business-to-Business meetings

Monday—November 17


Site Visits

Travel to Doha


Monday—November 17


Arrive in Doha

Welcome Briefing and/or Related Networking Event

Tuesday—November 18


Market briefings from CS and industry experts

Networking lunch with local industry representatives

Business-to-Business meetings

Site Visits

Wednesday—November 19


Meetings with local industry and government officials

Networking lunch with local industry representatives

Business-to-Business meetings

Possible Press Event

Site Visit

Mission Officially ends.