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January 31, 2014

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Thank you for the privilege of serving as the first president of the AIA International Region—and thank you to those who have helped to make our Region a reality.

With some 2,400 members, ours is the nineteenth Region of the Institute. It is roughly the same size as nine others and considerably larger than at least three others. Our Region is still growing, while many others are shrinking.

In just one year, we’ve accomplished the steps needed to get our Region started. Now, a new volunteer leadership team is well positioned to develop our communications, sponsorship and programming.

Several matters deserve careful attention:

First, we must strive to form new offshore Chapters in places where we have concentrations of AIA members who can join our work.

Second—as the Institute examines (and perhaps reforms) its governance structure—we must ensure that the interests of overseas members are well represented at AIA leadership levels.

Third, we must do more to involve the unassigned members of our Region, who don’t yet have an active Chapter in which to participate.

As an Institute vice president, my support to the AIA International Region will be unwavering. Looking forward to hearing from you, and wishing you well for 2014.


Thomas Vonier FAIA RIBA
Vice President, American Institute of Architects




Paris, 22 May 2013 

Dear AIA Members around the world:

This year, members of the AIA who reside outside of the United States became part of the AIA International Region—the Institute’s nineteenth and newest region.

For the first time, this gives AIA members abroad—some 2,400 in all—full voice and stature within the Institute’s governance structure.  We will devote resources to connecting AIA firms and members worldwide on matters of business, practice and professional interest.

The new region will not entail new costs. Voluntary contributions are already on hand from each of the existing offshore Chapters and we’re now pursuing corporate sponsorship.

I hope you will welcome this important step, and will become involved with the region’s programs. Please let us hear from you.



Thomas Vonier FAIA RIBA
President,  AIA International Region

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