2018 AIA International Region Conference | Convergence: Crossroad in Singapore

November 2nd - 4th, 2018

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Singapore (1º 17' 24.9" N, 103º 51' 7" E) is geographically located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, and is at the confluence between two trade winds, the seasonal monsoons. Since the 1400s, Singapore flourished as a trading center, taking advantage of the monsoon seasons for sailing boats to converge. When Singapore became independent in 1965, she attracted manufacturing investments, by riding on the fervor of industrialization, and embarked on the journey of greening the environment. Singapore’s pivot for prosperity, since independence, is a convergence of strategic roadmaps and of her people in spheres of economy, nation building, and security. Fast forward, digital technology, driven by innovation, is expected to trigger disruptive industrial transformations across many existing economies. In this new convergence, Singapore is again at a crossroad, poised to navigate new paths to harness digital-related opportunities and to build new capabilities amongst her people. In this new landscape, Singapore aspires, amongst others, to offer herself as a global thriving lab for future challenges and as a regional center for design excellence. 

AIA IR 2018 Singapore Conference with the theme “CONVERGENCE- CROSSROAD IN SINGAPORE” will examine three threads of convergence over three days, namely “Tradition and Innovation”, “Resilience and Sustainability” and “Wellness and Place-making”. Each day will examine each thread led by keynote speaker, and a moderated panel session to conclude each daily subtheme. The aim is to offer insights to key issues, challenges, trends and exemplary projects, on both global and local levels. This conference promises an engaging discourse featuring best-of class practitioners, leading architects and planners, industry leaders, academics and thought leaders on conversations relevant to the state of the architectural profession. In addition, design and cultural tours are conceived to offer greater insights into award-winning innovative projects that are contemporary and culturally significant. Venue for conference is the National Design Center, a converted missionary school in an old part of the city. Venue for the Gala Dinner and Design Award is the National Gallery, an adaptive restoration to the colonial Parliament Building and Supreme Court, in the historic center of the nation.

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