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Barak Mizrachi was born in Jerusalem, Israel. Architecture and building was carried through the generations of his grandfather and great-grandfather, both were some of the young original stonemasons of the city and were involved in many prestigious public buildings.

Barak grew up seeing the city developing, watching his grandfather on site creating stone facades. These experiences influenced him and saw his passion for architecture grow, where he later started his architectural studies at the Ort high school, specially geared towards the field.

After emigrating to South Africa and graduating with B. Arch from the University of Cape Town in 1998, his talent was recognised, and he became an associate at a Cape Town based firm in his first year of practice as a junior architect. He remained with the firm for 7 years as lead design architect, working multiple variety of projects including specialised buildings such as Frail care facilities. He broke away in 2006 pursuing his own practice and founded BM Architects in 2008.

Living in one of the design capitals, Cape Town, Barak Mizrachi draws inspiration from the heritage architecture and its similarities to his birth city, Jerusalem. Barak’s passion lies in old heritage building intervention and their integration with the new. It is through this passion that he’s developed a reputation for contemporary fluid integration and extension to old heritage buildings, remaining sensitive and true to preserve their unique qualities and beauty, whilst imparting a dynamic aspect of modern design.  Barak Mizrachi Architects projects range from residential, commercial and industrial.

After a trip to New York and the AIA, he joined as an international associate in pursuit of setting up his practice beyond the borders of Africa.

Barak Mizrachi was nominated in 2018 to take up the position of director of unassigned members for the AIA IR.

Setting his sights firmly on establishing the AIA IR’s presence and collaboration with the wider African continent, he seeks to advance this global network to reach new markets to the benefit of unassigned international members.

Barak Mizrachi is a registered Architect and a member of SACAP, CIFA and Intl. Assoc. AIA . He currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and daughter. In his spare time, he produces ceramic art pieces at his private pottery studio.