Memorandum of Commitment

The AIA IR continues to take a stand for a sustainable future:

The AIA IR 'Memorandum of Commitment' was reviewed and re-signed with renewed enthusiasm and commitment.  The signing event was significant in several outstanding ways:

1)      Relevance: the first person to sign was our 2019 AIA Institute President Bill Bates FAIA signifying the depth and importance of the event.  He also added a phrase to encourage us to strive to achieve the 1.5-degree C Stretch goal included in the Paris agreement beyond the original 2 degree guardrail.

2)      Gravitas: The review and signing ceremony rekindled the original meaning from the initial signing in Kyoto in 2015 in preparation for COP21. The words of the Memorandum were in fact written such that the entire AIA IR Conference membership was included in editing and confirming. Additionally key founding signators were present at both 2015 and 2018 events including Institute 2015 President Elizabeth Chu Richter FAIA, International Director 2013-15 George Kunihiro, FAIA, AIA IR 2014-15 President Dr. Bruckner, FAIA and others thereby strengthening their original commitment and emphasizing the stalwart continued commitment of the Institute to a global sustainable future.

3)      Inclusivity: All AIA IR members and colleagues at the AIA International Region Conference, ‘Convergence’ in Singapore were included, including ARCASIA Presidents (2019 President Rita So, 2018 President Jahangir Khan and 2015 President and continued Advisor Pei Ing Tan), SIA representatives and architects and guests from all over the globe.  Those present embraced the opportunity to take a stand together for a sustainable future with the ‘Memorandum of Commitment’ as stewards of the built environment. This pledge touched many members and colleagues profoundly. 

The letter was emulated by our friends and professionals in related industries, and colleagues from other Institutes also signed the Memorandum in recognition of our shared commitment to collaborative global solutions. If you have not had a chance to add your name to the MoC or would like to add additional comments the link is on the IR website or write to



Dr. Christine E. Bruckner, FAIA