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IR 2019 - Tours

China – New Realities

The tours accompanying this year’s IR conference are a chance to explore how much design has changed Shanghai. The city has become a laboratory not only for super-tall buildings, but also historic preservation, as well as entire districts that have been redeveloped into arts & cultural hubs. We encourage you to join us touring these exciting neighborhoods as we explore the new realities of practicing architecture in China.

Day 1 – Technological Disruption - Central Puxi

Tour of Shanghai’s traditional neighborhoods and modern redevelopment, adaptive reuse projects.


Day 2 – Societal Transformations - Lujiazui Financial District

Tour of Shanghai’s new planned Central Business District


Day 3 – Cultural Introspection - North & West Bund Redevelopment Areas

Tour the redevelopment of former industrial areas along the river north and south of the historic Bund.


**Please note, these tours will be offered in English**

Air + Weather Information for Shanghai in November