AIA Shanghai update

One of the IR’s newest chapters continues to grow and expand upon the programs and methodologies established since its founding. This year the focus for President Aton Chow AIA is to enhance the systems and process of the chapter in standardized ways to streamline the programming and operations.

The EXCO has expanded and continues to deliver content-filled programs that are continuing to elevate our visibility in China.

On a monthly basis, our team has continued our popular, monthly networking events.  We are also increasing our panel discussion and lecture events. In addition to our successful building tours, we have also added Walking Tours, the first in the French Concession, the second recently along the Bund.

The Shanghai membership count has grown 20% and to date we have delivered 20 hours of CEU to date.

Our outreach in Beijing continues to build upon previous momentum. Our Beijing team has executed a few successful networking events. We have also increased our leadership team that is committed to advancing the programming into next year.

With the remaining quarter approaching, the team is poised to continue delivering great content and membership value with several programs planned including our annual Master Lecture.

Christopher Chan AIA
AIA Shanghai IR Representative
AIA Shanghai Immediate Past President


AIA Shanghai Leadership
Alton Chow AIA, President
Silas Chiow AIA, Vice President
Jason Briscoe AIA, Treasurer
Hugh Whitmore AIA, External Secretary
Arturo Veve AIA, Internal Secretary
Greg Yager AIA; 2019 Strategic Council Representaive for International Region