Collaboration/ USGBC - International Green Building Symposium 2019 Hong Kong

Organized by the U.S. Green Building Council, the Hong Kong chapter of the AIA and the International Region of the AIA, the International Green Building Symposium Hong Kong highlighted the environmental and economic value of green buildings. The event brought together regional opinion leaders and green building professionals to address the efforts needed for a healthier, more sustainable built environment in Hong Kong and around the world.

Developers and architects had a 3 hour exchange on how to maintain and design sustainable buildings. Academics and developers shared different data on how to make sustainable buildings into successful businesses. Award winning architects shared their green interior, building and city design and also explained why tenants are demanding such sustainable design. The forward thinking discussion combined business, design thinking and sustainability into one holistic approach. 

AIA Hong Kong President-elect Vicky Chan AIA opened the event to share the sustainable focus and mission of AIA Hong Kong with the audience and to welcome the inaugural USGBC event to Hong Kong.

Moderating the panel. Past AIA HK and AIA IR President, Dr. Christine Bruckner opened the discussion sharing the new Sustainable Future Award (SFA) connected with the International Region Design Awards.  She introduced the winners of the 2018 Awarded Projects and welcomed HK based architects to share their designs directly.  

Panelists included:

Mr. Vicky CHAN | Vice President / President-Elect 2020, AIA Hong Kong Chapter

Dr. Christine E. BRUCKNER | FAIA of AIA International Region

Mr. Claude Bøjer GODEFROY | Founding Partner and Design Principal

Henning Larsen Hong Kong

Mr. Wing LEUNG | Director, M Moser Associates

Mr. Jeff TUNG | Senior Project Director, New World Development Company Limited

Wing Leung, director at M Moser associates addressed the pressing need for greener building practices from a recruitment perspective, by illustrating how the space supported the business and cultural transformation of SFA winning project, Alliance Bernstein in Hong Kong by creating an innovative and sustainable workplace that not only attract and retain talents, but also takes vital care of well-being. “Clients are increasingly aware of the benefits that prioritizing sustainability and wellness brings to their organization,” he highlighted. “Their workplace becomes a recruitment asset that sets their corporate identity apart.” Architect Claude Bojer Godefroy shared another SFA winner, Nordea Bank with its sustainable master plan and details throughout.  He further showcased some projects in the region and on etc boards to keep the dialogue looking ahead. Jeff Tung of New World Development shared the recent LEED awarded projects in Hong Kong at a city and community scale and shared insights about the process at many scales. The conference ended with an insightful panel discussion where all panelists provided thoughtful advice on various topics. “Designs need to be more adaptable and flexible,” Dr. Bruckner shared and stressed the importance of incorporating technology that can track elements such as water and air quality to empower a healthier environment for all, “Everything that can be measured can be improved.”

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