In the recent years, local communities are facing various threats on a global scale due to the increase of heavy rainfall, drought, landslide disasters, etc. caused by climate changes. In the United States, Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Hurricane Sandy (2012) have made serious damages, and the impact of rising sea levels has become a major issue in Florida. Even in Japan, Hiroshima landslides (2014) and floods in the western Japan (2018) caused serious damage.  Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and associated nuclear power plant accidents (2011) left devastating damages to the eastern Japan coastal area. Under such circumstances, it is necessary to seek the built environment of the next generation by introducing a broad perspective connecting the city, infrastructure and landscape in order to make our cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. This symposium "Resilience and the Building Environment" was made possible by Japan chapter of American Institute of Architects (AIA Japan) with the cooperation of Meiji University in conjunction with students and faculties of the international program of Florida International University. AIA members and other architects and experts from related fields make discussions that transverse area of studies with a broad perspective, and look for the future of architecture and cities.